Making Online Access Easy

Incoming Students

Incoming Students
  • College applicants can create ten or more user accounts when applying for college.
  • Most of those accounts are never used again.
  • Cirrus Identity enables applicants to use existing accounts from Google, LinkedIn, and others.


Guest Access
  • Universities engage student's parents through technology.
  • Parents often pay the bill or provide other support.
  • Parents forget the user accounts needed for billing systems.
  • Cirrus Identity makes parent access easy, not frustrating, with social login.


Account Linking
  • Alumni engagement is critical to an organization's mission and fundraising strategy.
  • Too often, the transition to alumni access is cumbersome, and requires a new user account.
  • Boost alumni engagement by adding social login, and still keep a link to a university account.

Online Learning

Guest Access
  • Education takes place online.
  • Continuing education programs are an important revenue stream.
  • Secure access is critical for students, faculty, and guests.
  • Cirrus Identity solutions secure access to the learning management systems with campus, guest, and social login.

Social Identity and Research

By Zuzanna K. Filutowska - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
  • Modern research uses online platforms to conduct virtual collaboration.
  • Any time delays or user frustration accessing these platforms is a liability.
  • Cirrus Identity’s solutions enable secure access to research platforms from campus accounts or from Google, Microsoft, and other social accounts.

Contract Workers

  • Contract resources don’t always meet the definition of employee, student, or faculty member.
  • Organizations will often grant "guest" access to individuals that do not fit elsewhere.
  • Cirrus Identity improves the management of guests and their secure access.